Sunday, 2 November 2014

Arduino in Proteus

Arduino in Proteus

Hello readers today I am discussing with you the sequence of steps that are required to be followed for using  Arduino in proteus environment. Proteus software now also supports Arduino simulations, It’s a great news for all those who use proteus software for simulating microcontroller based applications. Three Arduino boards are currently supported by proteus software-

Arduino Uno R3
Arduino MEGA2560 R3
Arduino MEGA1280

You first need to add the arduino library files in the proteus library.

Download Arduino proteus library and extract these two files-


Copy these files and paste them in the location-

C:\Archivos de programa\Hielazo Electronics\Proteus 7 Professional\LIBRARY

That’s it now you are ready to use Arduino in Proteus, yes it’s that simple.

Now I will discuss with you Arduino code for blinking an led connected to pin 13 and its simulation on proteus-

Step 1-

Write the Arduino code in Arduino IDE for blinking an led as given below-

void setup()
  pinMode(13,OUTPUT); // configure pin 13 as output

void loop()
  digitalWrite(13,HIGH); // make pin 13 high
  delay(1000); // delay of 1 sec
  digitalWrite(13,LOW); // make pin 13 low
  delay(1000); // give delay of 1 sec

Step 2-

For generating hex file click on

Files and then Preferences

Click OK

Step 3-

Now compile your Arduino code (Ctrl+R) to generate the hex file.

Step 4-

Copy the path of the hex file generated above, here in this case the path is-


Step 5-

Open proteus software and in the part search option type- arduino uno

Select ARDUINO UNO R3 and click OK

Step 6-

Now connect an led to pin 13 as shown in the circuit diagram below-

Step 7-

Double click on Arduino Uno, a new window will pop up and in this window paste the path of hex file copied in step 4 a s shown below-

Click OK button

Step 8-

Click on play button in proteus and see the effect.

Led connected on pin 13 will start blinking every 1 sec. A proteus snap shot during run time is shown below-

That’s it………

 Now try simulating your Arduino applications in Proteus.

                                                                                 UMESH DUTTA